The handicapped president

I walk pass our disabled and deformed brothers and sisters on the streets everyday, recently something came to my mind and I feel like sharing

Everyone with no exception is gifted by God. Looking at the handicapped fellows, a striking thought came 👇👇

how many of them are proud of themselves even with their scars?

Years back I visited an orphanage home in owerri courtesy of welfare department in chapel of grace, Nekede. Seeing some kids with different deformities left me with teary eyes. But in the midst of all these challenges the kids were still happy. These kids still believe they have something the world needs, when asked some said they will grow to engineers, doctors, president, pilot etc.

Great minds too are on wheelchairs. Are you deformed in any way and as a result you have refused to ” shine your shine”?

We don’t pray for ugly situations but even when they come, they should not weigh you down
Be proud of who you are,
Never let those scars deprive you of fulfilling purpose.
There is something unique about you,
you are beautiful the way you are,
there is something you can do,
don’t hide behind those scars and sob yourself to death in that wheelchair, there is so much happiness in the world, the gift of life alone is something to be grateful for.

Impact your generation even in those wheelchairs, crouches, breathing aids, don’t give up just yet. The world is waiting for you to come alive, bring out the you in you. Don’t feel worthless and allow depression to sweep you off the face of this earth, you are a solution to the world, make your days count.
Shine for the world to see
look beyond your scars and deformities
This is coming from a caring heart

happy valentine’s day



Lessons for unmarried forks

I listened to the story of a young girl today, about how she was went through school, come out with second class upper, graduated at the age of 26, had parents to give everything she asked for, everything sure for her.

But still
She was not happy

At this point I asked myself is this one feeling fine at all? 🤔

lesson: never judge someone when all you have is just half-baked information about what they are going through

So back to her story

Babe was not happy because #she_no_get_man🙄
Like she was in her late 20s and no man in her life, she was vertically doing chief bride’s maid for all her friends even the people she was older than. when she managed to start dating, it was heartbreak after heartbreak. The pressure and frustration increased when her parents and siblings started mounting serious pressure on her to get married.

And she decided one day to…………
(To be continued)

I brought up this to say this👇👇

*if you are in school, about to graduate or thanks to God you are now a graduate and as a BABE all that revolves round your pretty head is HOW TO GET A MAN.. My sis, have a rethink!

  • if you are a BABE, and you have not discovered purpose, all you are thinking now is getting married.. Have a rethink!
    A man will appreciate his woman more if she is purpose driven. ( 🙄i am not a relationship coach o🚶)

*if you are a mother reading this, the fastest way of distorting the motherly bond existing between you and your adult child is when you start pressurizing him/her to get married.

*build yourself first before you think of getting married.. You cannot afford to go and be acting a daily episode in your husband’s house.

*NEVER, I repeat NEVER feel old and ugly because you are not yet married.

I hope this meets you well.




Be thankful for everyday

Looking at my period of growth as at
5years till now, every activities that played out, the bad, ugly and worse and surely how the lord has made me overcome and still put smiles on my face, is something to be grateful for.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you want you wish for but you make what you want out of life.

You know how free tickets work, you don’t pay, that is why its called FREE.
God is so kind that he renews our free tickets to life everyday, the miracle of us sleeping and waking up is a mystery that proves God’s unending love for you.

If you no go church today wetin you gain kwanu🤔, go and show your appreciation for life by your dance to your maker… No forget offering o, if you no get, nothing spoil, offer dance






This is a question that arises almost every day you come in contact with someone, either by calls, messages or physically.
So many people respond by just saying”I am alright”, “all is well”, “I am fine” but truly are you fine?

Most of these kind of answers are born out of the feeling that if you tell someone the state of your mind, you will become a burden. But don’t you think it is better to say it than conceive it in your heart and remain hurt? That person may just be your messiah for the moment, remember a problem shared is half solved, God doesn’t come down to help, he uses men.

It’s sometimes hard to tell how someone is feeling, but often there are warning signs when a person is at risk for a suicide attempt .

People who are in emotional distress might have anxiety, extreme mood swings and feel like a burden to others. They might sleep a lot or very little and talk or post on social media about feelings of hopelessness or wanting to die. They may feel trapped, isolated, or in unbearable pain, and might be abusing drugs or alcohol.

Resulting to #alcoholism and wanting to die will not solve the problem you are going through, there is more to life than drinking yourself to stupor and feeling like dying.

Your dreams and aspirations are still valid, you can still make, its not the end of the road. Choosing to end your life is a selfish action that even in death you will still regret.
You are someone’s happiness, don’t take that smile from their face by ending your life.






Conclusive part of how to discover purpose



I’d like to say a big thank you to those who followed the series from the very beginning, God bless you🙏

We have been taking a look at HOW TO DISCOVER PURPOSE

If you have not been following and you are reading this post, you can still do that by checking them out

We looked at discovering your purpose through

2)talking to SINCERE friends

3)your passion

4) assessing your values and goals

NOTE: There many other ways to discover purpose this is just to mention but a few.


Ask these thoughts provoking self-discovery questions and sincerely answer them for yourself

  • What are the things you would do even if you didn’t get paid for it?
  • What do other people say you’re really good at, or that you should do professionally, or do more of?
  • What is the one thing you want to experience or accomplish before you die?
  • If you had all the money in the world, how would you spend your time?
  • What activities set your soul on fire?

Its been a 4days long journey, I hope this helped someone.
Thanks for staying through




4th series on how to discover purpose



Start by asking yourself
➡What are the principles by which I live my life?
➡What is really important to me? What really matters?
➡What is that thing that if I looked back on it in 5, 10, 20 years to come would make me feel satisfied?

values are qualities that make you, they are not who you think you should be, but rather who you already are. Your values are the blueprints by which you live your life and if you choose to pay close attention to them, it can serve not only as a way by which you make decisions that are true to who you are, but also as a guidance directing you to your purpose.

What am i trying to say? 🤔

wherever you go and whatever you do, notice what’s important to you, what you want most from this life, and what you give meaning to.
Life gives you want you put in it, it all depends on you if you want to make life enjoyable or frustrating . So go ahead, take some time to reflect on your goals, take note of certain events and situations you care about.

note: list everything, don’t say you have them in your memory, WRITE them down and carefully assess them. This can be another means to finding your life true purpose.

Oya go and dance to the lord





3rd series on how to discover purpose

3rd series


The oxford English dictionary defines passion as a very strong feeling of love, hatred, anger, enthusiasm etc.

I will be dwelling on ” the feeling of love and enthusiasm “.
Your purpose is sometimes hidden in your passion=what you love doing and what you feel excited about. Everyday you do a lot of things, when you are able to pick the following things from your numerous activities, they can help you discover purpose :

* that thing you do without even considering time
* that thing you are willing to do without being paid and it won’t bother you
* that thing that gives you joy when you are doing it
* that thing that pains and get you pissed when you see someone doing it the wrong way
*those things that excites you whenever it is being mentioned.

NOTE: These things that you are passionate about can be in any sphere of life, it can be in health, business, arts, government, academics etc.

When you are able to determine what you are passionate about, it can help you figure out the purpose of God for your life.